Lempitaiteilijani: Hannah Lemholt


Jälleen olisi aika esitellä yhden lempitaiteilijani töitä. HoneypieLIVINGetc -nimistä blogia pitävä ruotsalainen valokuvaaja Hannah Lemholt lumoaa kuvillaan ja kirjoituksillaan. Lemholtin kuvista välittyy pysähtynyt, taianomainen tunnelma, kun taas tekstit pulppuilevat herkkää ja runollista tajunnanvirtaa, sirottelevat suloisia sirpaleita arjesta.

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sand. beaches. gingerbread skin. and that certain freedom, that has something very beautiful and sensual about it, - showing in the eyes and that seems to be reserved for when you have spent enough time in sheer dresses, barefoot, - & the skin’s had time to softly darken and the soul to forcefully lighten.

there’s a scent of newly pressed paper and eternal espresso. it’s silent between the bookshelves, but it whispers about everything.

i catch sight of myself in the midnight mirror, with my hair in a mess and faded roses on my cheeks. i hear the ocean all the way into our dim bathroom as i bend over the sink and cup my hands with cold water against the skin, trying to wake up for moments of milk and eskimo kisses.

september had wings and i had clear eyes, an open heart. and i still drink tea every morning, in the bed that is like a huge white cloud; high up over those raw floorboards. cups that come carried by one who refine morning tea into a ceremony of thin porcelain, deepening flavor & soft sweetness. honey-kisses. it's all in the color, darling.

and if these pictures have anything important to say to future generations, it's this; i was here. i existed. i was young, i was happy and someone cared enough about me in this world to take my picture.

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